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Yard cleanup in progress with leaves in a pile with bags nearby in Lee's Summit, MO.

Yard Cleanup in Lee's Summit, Independence, & Blue Springs, Missouri

Our yard cleanups will keep your property neat and tidy.

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Yard Cleanup in & around Lee's Summit, Independence & Blue Springs, MO

Our yard cleanups include leaf and debris removal and trimming trees and shrubs.

Leaf blowers gathering leaves and debris in a yard into a pile.

Have you noticed your yard looking a little messy or unkempt lately? If so, it's time to call our pros here at Royal Lawn Service! With our yard cleanup service, our professionals will come to your property and take care of any leaves, debris, or overgrown plants that may be diminishing the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape. We offer this service year-round, so no matter when you need us, we'll be there! We also offer additional services, like lawn mowing and mulch installation, to give your property an extra boost. We've been providing our yard cleanups in and around Lee's Summit, Independence, and Blue Springs, MO, for 17 years, so you know you're in good hands when you choose us. Call us at (816) 550-0750 to get started today!

We Offer Yard Cleanups Year Round

Raking leaves into a pile during a yard cleanup near Independence, MO.

Your yard may start to look a little disheveled as the seasons come and go. That’s why we offer our yard cleanups year round. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there to help! There are different benefits to cleaning up your lawn and landscape at specific times during the year. Cleaning up in the springtime will help revitalize your yard after the harsh winter months. It will also help it enter the growing season on the right foot since there won't be debris impeding its growth. During a fall cleanup, we make sure that things like fall leaves won’t impact the health of your grass. A yard cleanup in the fall will also help prepare your property for the cold winter months.

What is included in a yard cleanup?

Professional blowing leaves into a pile on a lawn in Lee's Summit, MO.

Our yard cleanups include several different services that will help revitalize your lawn and landscape and make them look neat and tidy. We’ll remove any leaves or debris, like sticks and twigs, that could smother your grass and otherwise leave it looking unkempt. Sometimes your trees and shrubs can start to look a little out of control. There may be overgrown branches and stray leaves sticking out, making your plants look a little messy. Our experts can trim back any overgrown trees or shrubs and restore their original beauty. Trimming back the branches and leaves on your plants will help give your property a more uniform and well-cared-for appearance.

You Can Add On Additional Services to Keep Your Property Beautiful Year-Round

Aside from what’s included in our yard cleanups, we have a couple of additional services you can add to really improve the health and vitality of your property. Our weekly lawn mowing service will help keep your lawn well-manicured and beautiful throughout the year. Meanwhile, installing mulch in your landscape beds will enhance the curb appeal of your property, and it has several benefits for both your plants and your soil. In conjunction with our yard cleanups, these services will boost the appearance and health of your lawn and landscape.

We follow good mowing practices including adjusting the deck height based on your type of grass.

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Sometimes your property just needs a little extra love and care to look bright and beautiful again. That's where we come in! Our experts here at Royal Lawn Service are ready to help keep your lawn and landscape pristine and healthy year-round. We provide our yard cleanup service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Lee's Summit, Independence, Blue Springs, and surrounding areas in Missouri. Give us a call at (816) 550-0750 to sign up for our yard cleanup service today!