Top Mistakes in Lawn Care in Grain Valley MO to avoid in January

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In January, your entire landscape lies dormant, waiting patiently to burst in colors and scents in spring. Some new homeowners consider they do not have to put any effort in lawn maintenance for a month or two, because there is no work needed. On the other hand, according to our specialists in lawn care in Grain Valley MO, you would make an error to let things follow their natural course. Today, we will look together at the top mistakes you should avoid this month.

1. You do Not Clean the Lawn

Regular lawn and garden cleaning are necessary to keep your landscape healthy and safe. Dry, dead, and diseased leaves, and vegetal debris entertain the thriving of mold, mildew, fungi, and pests even, able to spread and damage your lawn and landscape in spring. According to our experts in lawn care in Grain Valley MO, you should take the rake and clean the yard on any given dry and warm day in January.

2. You Drive or Walk across the Lawn in winter

You cannot perform any activity on your lawn without stepping on it, obviously, but crossing it multiple times a day or driving over it is incredibly harmful. You can break and crash the frozen turf blades severely. In turn, your lawn will appear brown and bare in spring. Repairing the damages costs plenty of money and effort.

3. You do not Aerate Compacted and Clay Soil

Aeration is usually a spring activity. Nevertheless, our lawn service company in Grain Valley MO recommends you inspect your lawn regularly. If you see patches of damp, wet mud that never seems to dry, you may have a drainage problem on your hands. Poor drainage can lead to costly damages on your landscape in spring, so you should prevent such problems before they become uncontrollable.

Get an aerator or your garden fork to dig holes at 6-8 inches intervals. If you do not know how or where to aerate the soil, ask our experts in lawn care in Grain Valley MO for their help.

4. You Use Salt for De-Icing

Many consider that salt application is safe as long as they limit the activity to their driveways, patios, yards, and walkways. First, salt is harmful to all concrete/asphalt and even wooden structures. Secondly, salt infiltrates the ground together with snow, reaching plant roots and bulbs. It can chemically alter the pH and composition of the soil and generate a cascade of troubles.

For the best lawn care in Grain Valley MO, use organic or at least safer de-icing products and make sure they do not reach the vegetation areas on your property.

5. You Don’t ask for Lawn Care in Grain Valley MO Expert Help

You can perform some winter task by yourself and have a world of fun. Nevertheless, some complex problems – such as soil testing, soil aeration, tree moving and trimming, etc. – may need professionals. Always ask our specialists in lawn care in Grain Valley MO for their tips, ideas, suggestions, and help! They will be more than content to offer their expertise on the maintenance and building of a gorgeous lawn for next spring!


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