Tips and Tricks to for Budget Savings on Landscaping in Independence MO

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With a new season ready to take over the land, homeowners can hardly wait to begin collaborating with their local teams of experts in lawn care and landscaping in Independence MO and, of course, work in their yard and gardens. Outdoor activities and yard work take more money than you realize at first, however. If you want to learn a few tips and tricks on how to save money on lawn and garden work, listen to what our specialists in landscaping in Independence MO have to say about it!

Install an Irrigation System

Once you install an irrigation system on your lawn and make sure it functions adequately to water your landscape, plenty of your budgetary issues will be over. Beyond the initial investment, an irrigation system endowed with smart sprinklers, sensors, timers, and hi-tech faucets will save you money in the long run.

Our experts in landscaping in Independence MO and their colleagues can offer you full sprinkler repair and maintenance services while providing you their advice on how to water the property correctly.

This way, you are going to save plenty of water, which is beneficial for both your budget and the environment. When it comes to residential lawn care and landscaping costs and concerns, water waste is probably one of the biggest concerns from a financial and ecological point of view.

Have our Pros in Landscaping in Independence MO Implement a Maintenance Program

Some of the most significant costs in lawn care and landscaping revolve around fertilization, weed control, and regular maintenance activities. Homeowners spend plenty on shelf-bought fertilizers and soil amendments, herbicides, pesticides, and other substances.

While such products come with an excellent advertisement, you cannot be sure they will work on your property. Instead of engaging in trial and error activities with financial and ecological costs, have our specialists in landscaping in Independence MO implement a maintenance program. It can consist of:

  • A yearly program of fertilization and weed control designed to match the needs and chemical makeup of your soil and to protect the specific vegetation you grow;
  • Regular lawn mowing, tree trimming, shrub pruning, and flower beds’ maintenance to ensure a healthy and lush landscape with no effort and especially no unforeseen costs;
  • Mulching – one of the most affordable and most robust methods to protect your property from weeds, pests, even wildlife, low temperatures, and more. The added benefit of mulch installations and replacements is that your lawn and garden will receive ecologically friendly nourishment and protection.

When it comes to professional services, you should also know that a full year of maintenance will take less money out of your pocket in comparison to individually purchased products, tools, and other items.

Lawn and Landscape Replacements

Have you ever heard of xeriscaping? It is a new trend in landscaping that proposes the reduction of your lawn and vegetal landscape with hardscapes and fewer grasses. While replacing vegetation with rocks has its disadvantages, considering the changing of turf with clover for instance or with native grasses. Clover and local turf varieties need little to no watering and can limit your lawn and landscape maintenance expenses throughout the year.

Talk to our pros in landscaping in Independence MO about these tips and ideas on budget savings and turn your property into a patch of paradise to enjoy all year long!


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