Mulch and Great Landscaping in Grain Valley MO: What You Should Know

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Spring is one of the two best times to mulch your yard and garden, and you should begin considering it as an upcoming landscaping activity this season. Even if you already mulched last fall, you should have our experts in landscaping in Grain Valley MO give you a hand with this activity. This simple, yet crucial element of responsible gardening will help your landscape thrive all year long. But do you know the benefits of mulch and its numerous roles on your property? Let’s see today how mulch and great landscaping go hand in hand!

Benefits of Mulch in Landscaping in Grain Valley MO

You may use the term topsoil for mulch, and you would not be completely wrong. As a layer of organic or inorganic material, mulch acts as a “blanket” we use for several purposes. Let’s see what they are!

  1. A top layer of organic material (dry leaves and grass clippings, wood chips, tree bark, and so on) will eventually decompose. Therefore, mulch is a slow-release fertilizer nourishing the plants and protecting them against vitamin loss or nourishment depletion.
  2. Since we are talking about landscaping in Grain Valley MO, we have to talk about the decorative and functional role of mulch. First, both organic and inorganic mulch acts as a design element, keeping the landscape together in a neat, clean, and manicured way. Secondly, mulch offers a protective layer for seeds and roots against foot traffic while preventing the mess generated by walking on bare (moist) soil. Moreover, if you grow fruit trees or shrubs, mulch provides you with a clean surface for the harvest to fall.
  3. It is a little known fact that mulch changes the structure of the soil. Mulched sandy soil stays together, bound, while clay soil opens up as the mulch decomposes. It means that it also improves soil drainage.
  4. When you project a landscape redesign, you may also consider adding new vegetation to your yard and garden. Our experts in landscaping in Grain Valley MO will give you a hand with a landscape makeover and tell you that mulch is crucial for the physical support of young seedlings in the developing stages.
  5. Mulch keeps weeds at bay in an eco-friendly manner. While you should not give up pre-emergent, post-emergent, and spot weed treatments provided by our experts, you should consider mulch as a natural barrier against the weeds wanting to fight your good plants for resources and territory.
  6. From a similar eco-friendly point of view, mulch is one of the easiest ways to recycle good vegetal materials. Grass clippings, wood chips, tree bark (or chopped twigs), shells and hulls make excellent sources of mulch. All you need to factor in is that the vegetal leftovers do not present signs of diseases, fungi, weed seeds, or pests.

We are sure you want to know about the functionality and aesthetical value of mulch for your yard and garden. Talk to our pros in landscaping in Grain Valley MO and ask them for their help with spring tasks, including mulch applications!


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