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We often take the mower for granted until it breaks down or starts delivering less-than-ideal results. Without a mower, a well-tended lawn can soon turn into a messy savannah especially in the summer. Keep your mower in top shape with these maintenance tips offered by our experts in lawn care in Blue Springs, MO.

Mower Maintenance Tips

  1. Regularly change the oil and oil filter. Without this basic maintenance work, you’ll rapidly wear out your mower’s motor. Use conventional motor oil with a 30W or 40W grade viscosity – in warmer climates we recommend motor oil with lower viscosity. Also, oil should be changed after 50 hours of continuous use and at least once a year.
  2. Give your mower’s spark plug some tender care. Without a spark plug in tip-top shape, your mowing machine might refuse to start, waste gas, or fail to give your lawn a clean shave. Pull the plug out at least every spring, brush it clean (you ca use a brake cleaner if it is too dirty or rusty), dry it with a soft cloth and put it back in. If the problems with your mower persist after plug cleaning, you might need to take the mower to an authorized repair shop.
  3. Replace or clean the air filter. Your mower’s air filter is its respiratory system. If the filter is clogged or dirty, the mower won’t be able to “breathe” properly, will heat up and kill the engine. There are countless online tutorials on how to do it. We only recommend making sure that the spark plug wire is disconnected first.
  4. Clean the mower’s deck. Remove any debris and clippings from the deck as a any dirt in the deck can promote corrosion and even spread diseases and fungi across your lawn. We recommend cleaning the deck at least twice a year.
  5. Get those blades razor sharp. Before the season’s first mow, you should make sure that the blades are as sharp as they can be. If they are too rusty or worn out, you can replace them. This is critical maintenance work you should not skip as it can benefit your lawn bigly. A dull blade will just shred the tips of the grass blades and up the turf’s risk of dehydration and diseases. Always strive to attain a neat and clean cut.
  6. Maintain proper tire pressure. If the tire pressure is uneven, it is hard to get an even cut on your lawn. Make sure that you have an even tire pressure on all your mower’s tires.

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