Modern Strategies On Lawn Care: Blue Springs, MO Homeowners Share New Rules To Live By

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If you want to maintain a lawn that’s both beautiful and purposeful, it would be good to be always in the know about the new trends and developments in lawn care, Blue Springs, MO experts say. The idea is not to follow them all blindly, but to be alert for key products, findings and principles that might be specifically useful for you to try or apply. Who knows – you might find a solution to an age-old problem, discover a more efficient way of doing things, or enjoy significant savings in the process.

The following are non-traditional lawn maintenance principles that you may or may not be aware of, and are worth checking out if they can bring benefits to you as a property (and lawn) owner.

Smaller sized lawns can be smarter.

Not everyone has the privilege to have a vast, sprawling lawn, and some of those who have huge properties may not have the energy or interest to take on such a huge responsibility. Modern homeowners say that a smaller sized lawn can be a smart option, especially for those just starting out with gardening. A small patch of land can be turned into a charming green space or surrounded by a vertical garden – use your creativity and you’ll find out that sometimes, smaller is better.

Veggies are very much recommended.

When it comes to plants and shrubs to add to the yard, the image of flower beds will most likely come to mind for most people. But an increasing number of homeowners today prefer to plant vegetables instead – they’re typically sturdier and easier to reproduce, plus it’s simply wonderful to think that you could have a complete meal entirely from the contents of your garden. If you’re thinking about appearance, then it’s time for you to visit your local greenhouse. You might be surprised to see how many types of edible plants can easily rival ornamentals when it comes to the beauty department.

Clipping removal is out of the question.

Meticulously raking up yard clippings after mowing is not only time-consuming and exhausting – it may also be taking away valuable nutrients that your soil can use. Give your lawn maintenance guy a break and tell him not to bother with collecting the clippings after trimming the grass. Just leave them there – don’t worry, they’ll start to naturally decay in a couple of days and will serve as nutrients and organic fertilizer for the soil.

Choosy is good.

With the wide varieties of plants and grass you’ll now find in a seedling bank or an online greenhouse, it’s so easy to simply buy every pretty little green thing you see in the store. But experts say that before you go on a greenhouse shopping spree, do your research first to find out about the types of turf and plants that will be suitable to your needs. Better yet, get help from Blue Springs, MO lawn care experts. Reliable turf maintenance companies most likely offer services that already include the use of high-grade commercial grass seeds, especially selected according to the unique condition and characteristics of your lawn.

Making informed choices will hugely benefit you as a lawn owner. As always, it’s better to consult your turf care contractor first to ensure you’re doing only the best for your lawn.


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