Lovely Landscaping – Grain Valley MO Garden Professionals Share 5 Fantastic Tips

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Whether you’re going about a landscaping project with the desire to finally realize a dream design, or you’re exerting the effort as a way to increase your property’s value because of plans to sell in the future, there are amazing fruits to be enjoyed from the mission. Landscaping can offer equal joy with its process and outcome. Actively working to achieve something beautiful can be a very rewarding experience despite the achy backs and knees or the dirt under the fingernails that just won’t wash away. And when all of that is done, the attained goal, of course, is a sensual delight.

If you’re looking to make the most out of the experience of landscaping, Grain Valley MO lawn and garden service providers say it’s crucial to set a clear plan with room for ideas to grow – this way, you can secure an outcome that will completely satisfy you.

For a lush and abundant landscape, no matter the design you’re going with, there are professional tips worth considering and implementing; they are lessons that all dedicated gardeners and professionals know as effective. Five are provided below:

  1. Plant in profusion, but avoid mixing such a wide variety of plants. It’s better to just plant a few kinds of plants, but to do so in big sweeps. The landscape will have a bold and lavish look.
  2. Pay attention to color combinations, especially in areas where there’s not much structure. Differences in colors can achieve the illusion of better dimensions and can better highlight the attractive qualities of each plant and the area itself. One great and favorite combination that garden experts share is the mix of wild blue phlox, red trillium and wild geranium. According to author and TV host Ken Druse, this particular combination is great because of the blooms and diverse foliage – “the threadlike phlox stems cluster around the trillium’s broad, satiny leaves and the geranium’s matte greenery.” Beautiful.
  3. Strategically contrast heights for really attractive proportions.
  4. Accessories can better define the landscape and make it more useful. Birdhouses are particularly charming; plus, they can help create continuity for the eco-system. Meanwhile, boldly painted lawn chairs or benches create lovely focal points that draw attention to the view surrounding them at the same time.
  5. Understand scents. A garden landscape is really for the eyes, but what better way of upgrading one’s experience in this area is there than offering refreshing scents? Some scents attract pollinators, and then there are some that repel insects. It’s good to understand these different scents to assist the landscape’s optimal growth.

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