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Americans love their pets and want the best for them. According to 2019 landscaping trends, one of the most prominent landscape activities next year will be the design and build of dog-friendly landscapes. Our lawn care Lake Winnebago MO specialists are here today to offer you their expertise and suggestions on how to implement such projects for your furry friends.

Build the Perfect Spot

Pet-friendly landscapes share some characteristics, no matter their size. Here are some crucial ones to consider for your property:

  • They feature grasses and herbs that resist well to traffic and trampling, to the elements, and to the occasional territory marking. In other words, you want grasses like clover and turf like perennial rye.
  • The spaces feature boundaries and borders, especially if you have escape artists among you. While regular fences are unaesthetic, you can confine your four-legged friend with built-in walls (which you can turn into vertical gardens), tree lines, and thick hedges and shrubs for safety and shade;
  • In summer, your dog needs water, a bit of shadow, and a place to cool down and rest (together with the family children). Installing a water feature and building a pergola, covered patio, kiosk, or tree clearing are necessary; our lawn care Lake Winnebago MO company can help you design and implement such project with no effort;
  • Pet-friendly landscapes should be 100% safe. It means the elimination of toxic plants, grasses, and mulches (cocoa mulch especially, as it is deadly when ingested) and the introduction of health-boosting plants and shrubbery. The ASPCA website contains detailed lists of plants to avoid, but our lawn maintenance Lake Winnebago MO specialists can help you choose the best vegetation for dogs that blends in your overall landscape and allows kids and pets stay safe and happy.
  • One of the biggest distresses is the use of chemical fertilizers and especially pesticides. The National Institute of Health notifies that many industrial/professional lawn chemicals can cause cancer in certain breeds. Our experts can help you turn organic in your approach to lawn care and landscaping, with emphasis on the pet-friendly area.
  • You can also plant flea deterrent plants, like rosemary and lavender, and add marking posts (ornamental fire hydrants) for the regular territory marking in male dogs.
  • Your friends, when they do not fetch, chase, run around or play hide-and-seek, love to patrol their territory. A good idea is the building of pathways for them to avoid trampling the grasses.
  • If you have a smaller area to dedicate to pets, you can compensate for the lack of space with dog training installations and digging areas. Energetic dogs need consistent activity and having fun with tubes and obstacles may be precisely what the doctor ordered.
  • If your buddy does not usually spend his leisure and rest time inside the house, you also need to build it a paddock or a dog house to keep him safe from the elements all year long.

Hire a Lawn Care Lake Winnebago MO Company

If you hire a lawn care company to build and maintain your property, imagine that the pet-friendly area needs even more care – regular watering, mowing, reseeding, maintenance, repairs, tree/shrubs trimming, seasonal cleaning, and more. Our lawn care Winnebago MO company is more than happy to provide you with all the necessary services, so you can have your peace of mind, while your kids and pets have the time of their lives.


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