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Early fall is the season to be jolly, as your entire landscape is covered in lovely bright colors, scents, and hums. The weather is still friendly, enticing you to spend a lot of time outdoors, and the lawn and landscape preparations do not seem too many or too hard to perform. Well, you should not take autumn lightly. You need to introduce into your schedule plenty of activities because now it is the time to prep your property for the upcoming winter. Today, our lawn care Independence MO specialists are here to list the early fall tasks you need to consider to give your lawn and landscape a boost to face the cold season easier.

  • Soil Testing: Check the soil’s pH levels, drainage, and fertilization needs. Starting from this, you will know better how to proceed next (thorough watering, soil amendments, organic soil enhancements, etc.). Soil tests are recommended in both spring and fall to make sure the foundation of the landscape is in perfect shape.
  • Aeration: just like you aerated in spring, you need to repeat the process in early fall; ask your lawn care Independence MO specialists to give you a hand with this task; aeration is needed to allow the soil get as much sunlight, warmth, water, and nutrients as it can.
  • Overseeding: now that you aerated the soil, you need to fix those patches of turf that are damaged, dry, or dull. Moreover, reseeding the lawn makes it denser, thus more resilient to pests or diseases; ask your local lawn care experts about the measures you need to take after overseeding in order to protect the seedlings (limit foot traffic, water the overseeded areas properly,)
  • Mowing: ask your lawn care Independence MO specialists to give you a hand with mowing this time of year; you may need to raise the mower’s blades, depending on the weather conditions and the types of grasses you cultivate.
  • Irrigation: early fall irrigation is of the essence, especially for evergreens, trees, and some vegetables; your local lawn care team can help you determine the amount of water you give your lawn and vegetation on a weekly basis depending on the weather conditions, vegetation varieties, soil drainage, and so on.
  • Fertilization and Weed Control: these are vital tasks to perform in early fall; proper pre-emergence weed treatments will keep your landscape safe and thriving; you can also consider mulch this time of year (turn and refresh the mulch layers for better fertilization and protection)
  • Stylization: trimming, pruning, cutting back vines, and reshaping shrubs – they are all healthy and aesthetically pleasing activities, which will turn your landscape into a work of art. It is also a good time to introduce new flowers, bulbs, shrubs or trees to revamp your landscape next spring.
  • Pest Control: fall comes with pests, not only with flowers and with surreally colored foliage; ask your lawn care Independence MO specialists take care of the problem until it goes out of hand.
  • Cleaning and Ordering: starting with this month, you will have to engage in the intensive yard, lawn, and landscape cleaning and ordering; fallen leaves and vegetal debris attract pests and diseases, you have to keep everything pristine all over your property.

Ask your lawn care Independence MO specialist team about other services they can perform this time of year to ensure your lawn and landscape thrive in full health and beauty next spring.


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