Did You Know that Snow is Actually Good for Your Lawn?

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A solid snow pack covering your lawn is a very good thing. The snow becomes a protective blanket, preventing “transpiration” which is the evaporation of moisture from plants. The moisture inside of plants, or in grass as the case may be, is sucked out of the plant but the cold dry winds that buffet the plants as it blows across. The covering of snow shields the grass and protects it from the wind.

Snow pack on your lawn is also good for your lawn as it melts. The melting snow carries your late fall fertilization down through the soil to the root system where your lawn can benefit from it, and supplies the grass with the nutrients it needs when spring time begins to stimulate the growth of your lawn.

Snowmen Are Great, but Bad for Your Lawn

We all love to make Snowmen in the winter. It’s a family tradition in some homes. But if you value the health of your lawn, you will think twice about building one. During the winter while the grass is protected by a layer of snow, it becomes brittle and can easily become damaged by foot traffic, and especially by the weight of a giant snowman. Your lawn may not recover from this damage and end up brown and dead in areas come spring time.

So if you want your lawn to safely survive the winter, and return lush and green come spring time, you will leave the snow on the lawn, while ensuring it suffers from as little foot traffic and damage as possible. You might even welcome the snow, as your very own personal winter yard protector.


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