How to Treat Reseeded Lawns – Experts in Landscaping in Grain Valley MO Share their Tips

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While it might seem to you that lawn reseeding is a job for your lawn care team of experts, it also raises the interest of landscape architects. Our experts in landscaping in Grain Valley MO often recommend reseeding as both a lawn care spring task and landscape restoration and enhancement project. After all, can we talk about a lush, gorgeous landscape in the absence of a dark green, thick lawn? In nature, everything connects with everything else. A healthy garden is the building block of a fantastic landscape. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know what to do after they reseeded their properties and ask for professional support when things are already beyond repair. So let’s see today a few tips and tricks you could use!

1. Protection of the Reseeded Lawn

As we said, many hurries to reseed their lawns (hopefully after their aerated the soil) only to find themselves in a problem: how to make sure the seeds yield resilient and healthy grasses. Here are some things to do:

  • Avoid trampling the reseeded lawns or areas of your landscape. Heavy traffic stresses new seedlings terribly, stomping their growth and even killing them. Do not cross the yard on foot or by car. Do not let children and pets to play intensively in these areas. Temporarily fence reseeded lawn patches, landscape beds, and other landscape areas to keep people and wildlife away from the growing seedlings.
  • Do not even think about fertilization and weed control. After reseeding, weeds grow fast and attempt to take over the lawn and landscape. While they need a proper fertilization and weed control intervention, you should refrain from applying herbicides or fertilizers after reseeding. Talk to our experts in landscaping in Grain Valley MO about such interventions and wait until the seedlings turned into tall and strong grass blades.

2. Proper Irrigation

The main rule to follow when you water a newly reseeded lawn or landscape bed is to water the area daily at a two times a day frequency. You should consider the installation of an irrigation system, however. Smart sensors and a team to properly maintain the sprinklers’ system help you water the whole property with no stress, water wasting, or enormous budgets.

Talking to our experts in landscaping in Grain Valley MO about proper reseeded properties and lawns may lead to a beneficial conversation regarding irrigation and sprinkler maintenance. It may be precisely what you needed for your property, especially if you do not have enough time on your hands to water the landscape twice a day or to follow specific seasonal watering rules.

3. Working with Professionals in Landscaping in Grain Valley MO

Caring for your freshly reseeded lawn is just the beginning. Sooner than you imagine, you have to mow the lawn, edge and trim flower beds, prune trees and shrubs, fine-tune your watering schedule, plant, replant, and engage in landscape makeovers. Instead of spending time and money with trials and errors, you should ask our pros in landscaping in Grain Valley MO for a free estimate and a year-long complete care program.


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