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Grub Control in Lee's Summit, Independence, & Blue Springs, Missouri

Protect your lawn from severe grub damage with our grub control treatments.

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Grub Control Service in Lee's Summit, MO & Nearby Areas Like Independence & Blue Springs

We offer preventative and curative treatments against grubs.

Grubs can be a real nuisance to your lawn. These tiny, white pests will feed on the roots of your grass and leave it unattached to the soil, causing it to become weak and brown. Here at Royal Lawn Service, we offer a grub control service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Lee's Summit, Independence, Blue Springs, MO, and nearby areas. This service involves applying a preventative treatment around early summer to target newly hatched grubs and keep them from causing any damage to your grass. You can schedule this service as part of our 6-step lawn care program. If you already have a grub infestation on your hands, our team also offers curative grub control treatments to stop them in their tracks and keep them from wreaking more havoc on your lawn.

Our preventative treatment will keep grubs from infesting your lawn.

The best way to deal with grubs is to get ahead of them and ensure that they never cause any issues. That's what our preventative grub control treatments do! When applying preventative treatments, timing is crucial to ensure it works to target newly hatched grubs. Our team will apply it in early summer, around June/July, before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your lawn. Grubs are a real problem for many lawns here in Missouri, so we made sure our preventative treatment will prove effective in protecting yours from becoming infested with these root-feeding pests.

We also provide curative grub control treatments to eliminate an existing grub infestation on your lawn.

If you are already dealing with an ongoing grub infestation on your lawn, then you'll want to reach out to us to schedule our curative grub control treatment. This treatment is designed to target mature grubs currently munching on the roots of your grass! Grub damage usually appears during late summer, and our team will be ready to answer your call for help if these pests take over your lawn.

Our team can help your grass recover from grub damage through lawn care services like fertilization, aeration, and overseeding.

Our Preventative Grub Control Treatment Is Offered as Part of Our Lawn Care Program

Our team offers our preventative grub control treatment in conjunction with our lawn care program. In this program, our team will visit your property six times a year from February to December to apply fertilization, weed control, and lawn insect control treatments. Our third visit is dedicated to applying our grub control treatment along with early summer fertilization and spot treatments for weeds as needed. By incorporating it into this comprehensive program, you can rest easy knowing your lawn has everything it needs to flourish while having effective protection from grubs.

Enjoy a grub-free lawn with our grub control service. Call us today to sign up!

Grubs are one of the most destructive lawn pests that you may encounter. Fortunately, we can make them a non-issue on your turf through our grub control service! Our team at Royal Lawn Service offers this service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Lee's Summit, Independence, Blue Springs, and other nearby areas in Missouri. We have been providing this service since 2006 and have consistently delivered results that made our clients happy. Give us a call today at (816) 550-0750 to schedule our grub control service, and we'll make sure your lawn stays grub-free!