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A beautiful, tall, white home with great landscaping and a healthy lawn in Grain Valley, MO.

Grain Valley, MO Lawn & Landscaping Services

Our team offers comprehensive lawn and landscaping services to keep your property looking its best.

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We offer lawn and landscaping services to homes and businesses in Grain Valley, MO.

From lawn care and maintenance to landscaping and irrigation services, we can do it all!

Grain Valley, MO, is a city in Jackson County that is home to more than 16,000 people. Its history dates back to 1877 when a new railroad line was built in the area and a community was formed. There are various parks in Grain Valley where people can play sports, have a picnic, go walking, and enjoy a fun day outdoors. Some of these parks are Armstrong Park, Monkey Mountain Park, Butterfly Park, and more.

Our team at Royal Lawn Service provides top-quality lawn and landscaping services for homes, businesses, and HOAs in Grain Valley, MO. Our team can handle your lawn care, lawn maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, and pest control needs!

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services Will Keep Your Grass Healthy & Attractive

Beautiful, healthy lawn with mow lines near Grain Valley, MO.

Our team provides lawn care and maintenance services to ensure your lawn's every need is tended to. Through our lawn care services, we'll nurture your turf's health and help it fight off stressors that can negatively impact it. In addition to keeping your grass in great health, our crew will also keep your lawn in Grain Valley, MO, attractive with our lawn maintenance services. Check out the complete list of our lawn care and maintenance services below.

Boost your curb appeal with our landscaping services.

Landscaping of beautiful professional proportions in Grain Valley, MO.

If you want to elevate your landscape's appearance, we can help. Our team offers a variety of landscaping services that will rejuvenate your landscape and boost the curb appeal of your property in Grain Valley, MO. We can install and renovate landscape beds and accentuate them with exceptional annual flowers to add a burst of color to your property. Below are all the landscaping services we offer that will help beautify your yard.

Two top-notch services that are available seasonally include holiday lighting and commercial snow removal.

Keep your irrigation system running efficiently year-round with our irrigation services.

A lawn irrigation sprinkler watering a deep green lawn in the Grain Valley, MO area.

Our irrigation services at Royal Lawn Service will help ensure your irrigation system is in prime condition year-round so it runs efficiently and delivers the right amount of water to your grass and plants. We can perform winterization to protect your system from the cold, startups to get it back up and running in the spring, repairs to address functionality issues, and backflow testing to ensure no dirty water enters your water supply.

Our Pest Control Services Will Get Rid of Pests From Your Property

A red deer tick on a grass blade in a yard in Grain Valley, MO and nearby areas.

Your property in Grain Valley, MO, is no place for pests. If you need help protecting your home or business from harmful pests, you can rely on our pest control services! We use top-quality treatments and leverage our knowledge of the proper application techniques to ensure you get the best results.

  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Flea & Tick Control
  • Mole Repellant

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Since 2006, our experts at Royal Lawn Service have provided lawn and landscaping services for commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Grain Valley, MO. We remain committed to delivering excellent results and ensuring all our clients are more than satisfied with our work. If you're ready to upgrade your property, call us today at (816) 550-0750 to sign up for any of our lawn and landscaping services.