Experts in Landscaping in Lee’s Summit MO Offer their Tips on Christmas Trees’ Recycling

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January is the best time to consider the recycling and repurposing of your natural Christmas tree. Once you remove the decorations and you have a cut tree on your hands, the mindful and sustainable thing to do is to give the tree a purpose. Today, our specialists in landscaping in Lee’s Summit MO are here to offer you some tips and suggestions on how to make the best out of your Christmas tree this month.

1. Use it as Landscaping Aid

You surely have evergreen perennials, vines, and leggy plants that need your help this time of year. As we said on a previous occasion, January is the best time to secure such plants and newly planted trees with stakes. There is no more timely solution than your Christmas tree. Remove the needles and put them separately in a bin (as you will use them as well). Cut the branches and clean the trunk to make stakes for the plants needing extra security against winds and heavy snow.

2. Use the Needles as Mulch or Compost

If you separated the needles from the branches and twigs, use them to create a thick layer of winter mulch for the plants that require protection and extra nourishment. Newly planted evergreen perennials, bulbs and barely established roots, fresh flowerbeds – they will all benefit from your Christmas tree recycling efforts. The conifer needles do not rot easily and decompose slowly, feeding the plants all winter long.

  • You can also separate the branches from the trunk and use them as mulch – create covers for plants and seedlings needing safety against freezing, wildlife, pests, weeds, and strong winds.
  • The needles can end up in your compost pile or bin as well in case you need to boost the activity of your winter compost this time of year.

3. Create New Fish Habitat

A significant part of your landscape design may very well be a pond or a small lake. Our specialists in landscaping in Lee’s Summit MO say that if you drop the tree (or pieces of cut tree in case it is massive) inside a pond or lake on your property, you will do the fish a huge favor. The tree in the water attracts algae – thus offering the fish a source of food. It will act as a hiding place and sanctuary for fish as well.

4. Make Wood Chips

You will not obtain an impressive quantity of wood chips from only one tree, but you can get enough to make additions to your winter mulching efforts, complete the compost pile with a new source, prepare an outdoor fire in the fireplace or fuel an outdoor barbecue party, or use them as pathway substrate. Wood chips make an excellent decorative solution for interior DIY projects (potpourris and flower pot decorations).

5. Ask our Specialists in Landscaping in Lee’s Summit MO for Ideas

Our lawn mowing company experts can offer you other suggestions on how to recycle and repurpose your Christmas tree depending on its size and your needs. Feel free to ask them about the best course of action and for information regarding the town’s Christmas tree collection centers if there are any.


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