A perfectly plush and lush green lawn needs smart fertilizing, proper watering, and regular mowing. But not all turf grasses are created equal as some require more mowing than other. Spring is the best time for the first mow of the year, but since not all homeowners know the right way to do it, our professionals in lawn care in Lees Summit MO have agreed to share their best spring mowing tips.

Spring Mowing Tips from Our Pros in Lawn Care in Lees Summit MO

When you spot the first blades of grass in spring, don’t get your mower out just yet. Our lawn care Lees Summit MO experts recommend waiting until the grass is at least 2 inches tall before giving it a first trim. New grass in your garden or lawn means that the soil is warm enough for grass roots and crowns to handle a first (gentle) mow. If the weather is too chilly, premature mowing can damage your lawn and the health of the vegetation on it.

Timing is very important. Few lawn owners are aware that it is critical to allow the freshly sprouted turf to develop strong enough root systems for a first mow to be beneficial. The most obvious sign that the lawn is ready for a first trim is when the grass reaches 2 inches in height.

The rule of thumb is to cut no more than a third of the grass blades’ length. If you cut the grass too short, there’s the risk of making the lawn more vulnerable to diseases and pests. Also, an excessively short spring-haircut can literally kill your lawn in a matter of weeks.

Another way of causing irreparable damage to your lawn is aggressively mowing while the frost still threatens the health of the plants on your lawn. If there are unusually chilly nights, mow the grass regularly but leave the blades longer than usual. There’s more work involved if you apply this tactic as you’ll have to mow more often, but you won’t risk the overnight frost to kill your lawn off because the grass was cut too short.

Another aspect our experts cannot emphasize enough is the sharpness of your lawn mower’s blades. If the blades are too dull, you can lower the quality of your lawn’s turf because, instead of smoothly cutting the grass, your mower will rip off grass blades’ tips, which ups the risk of disease and puts a damper on turf grass’ growth rate.

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