Most people believe that roses are very high-maintenance plants, so they usually don’t even bother to make their rose bushes life a little better. But with season-long dedication and some expert care advice, you can easily enjoy multiple flushes of showy blooms this summer in your own backyard. Our experts in lawn care in Grain Valley, MO have agreed to provide their top tips for caring for roses like a pro in the summer months.

Summer Rose Care Tips from Our Lawn Care Grain Valley MO Experts

Water Your Roses Deeply

Roses need plenty of water during the bloom season. When watering the rose bushes ensure that you have covered the whole root area. Water the bushes close to the ground to reach the deeper roots. Do it at least twice a week in the summer. If you live in an extremely dry and hot season watering your bloomers daily or every other day should keep them in top shape. Avoid sprinkling the foliage especially if the rose is located in the shade as too much humidity promotes fungal growth. Also, don’t let your roses soak in water, especially if the soil lacks good drainage.

Give Your Roses Enough Sunlight

Remove any obstacles that may block sunlight from reaching your rose bushes. Roses usually need between 6 and 8 hours of direct sunlight ever day to stay healthy and have enough vital energy to produce generous blooms. Some rose varieties, including floribundas, climbing roses and other roses with wild ancestors may well tolerate the shade. Rose growing in the shade are more prone to disease and pest issues and they tend to produce fewer blooms.

Check the Soil

Your roses’ worst enemy is a compacted soil with an improper pH level. You may water and feed them as best as you can, but if the soil has subpar drainage it is all for naught. A compacted soil will prevent water from reaching plants’ roots and deprive it from oxygen. Just like people and animals, plant roots need oxygen to stay alive too. What’s more, a dense soil forces plants to put in more effort into growing roots, which means that the root system will become weaker and less able to absorb nutrients and water. If your soil is too compact, consider hiring a team of professionals to aerate it and de-thatch it (if needed). Our experts in lawn care in Grain Valley, MO are just a phone call away.

Feed Your Roses like a Pro

Most roses need to be fed at least three times per year: in the growing season, after the first pruning, after the first flush of flowers, and in mid-summer. Don’t fertilize your rose bushes too late in the summer as they won’t be able to go dormant when the time is right to prepare for the winter. You can use a universal fertilizer, but our specialists recommend using a formula tailored to roses needs. You can supplement your bloomers’ diet with extra nutrients from alfalfa pellets or seaweed and kelp fertilizers.

Prune for Extra Flower Growth

Make sure to remove spent flowers in your roses before they produce hips. Removing the fading blooms will prompt the plant to focus all its resources into the production of new blooms instead of hips and seeds. Refrain from heavy pruning unless the plant is dormant. Some pruning mistakes may weaken the rose bush and even kill it.

Consider Hiring Our Lawn Care Experts

If your rose bushes stubbornly refuse to rebound after a long period of neglect or insist on producing subpar blooms, if any at all, you can always contact our experts for help. Royal Lawns is a family-owned locally operated lawn service company that has become an industry standard over more than a decade of continuous operation. We cover everything lawn, including tree and shrub maintenance, so your roses are safe with us. Request a no-strings-attached Free Estimate of our services or call us at (816) 550-0750 for the fastest service today!