A stressed-out lawn is an eyesore: brown and bare patches, discolored turf, weeds taking over, signs of heavy foot traffic and so on. Extreme heat and poor hydration can take a heavy toll on your beloved lawn’s appearance and health, so de-stressing it right after the first signs of summer stress is a must. Our experts in landscaping in Lee’s summit, MO, have agreed to share some of their best tips for relieving stress in a lawn despite hot weather.

Top Signs of a Stressed-Out Lawn & Quick Fixes

Brown Spots

These may be caused by multiple factors including drought, grub infestation, heavy foot traffic, and compacted soil. In severe hot and dry weather with no water in sight, a lawn may go dormant and turn brown until the weather changes in order to survive. Don’t wake up a dormant lawn unless you plan to water it constantly throughout the drought season. Compacted soil and heavy foot traffic may also cause your lawn to go brown. A soil that is too dense doesn’t let water and oxygen in, which may prove fatal to the turf. If soil compaction is the issue, consider hiring a team of professionals to aerate and de-thatch it before it is too late.

Signs of Wear

In extreme temperatures, the turf is already stressed out so you may notice that it doesn’t spring back as fast as it used to when stepped on. A healthy turf should bounce back to vertical position after 5 seconds. If it takes more than 15 seconds to get back to its initial shape, your lawn may be severely stressed. Try reducing foot traffic especially in the areas with continuous exposure to direct sunlight. Also, consider installing a stone walkway in your yard (Our experts in landscaping in Lee’s summit, MO, pride themselves in more than a decade of hardscaping expertise, so don’t hesitate to ask them for help with that!)

Changes in Shape and Appearance

One surefire sign that your lawn is suffering is clean lawn edges without you putting any effort into it. If you notice the edges having a perfect contour and a widening gap between the lawn and asphalt, it is a sign that the lawn has shrunk its root system for water and nutrient conservation purposes. Another sign of summer lawn stress is discoloration. A stressed-out turf does not have enough of the pigment responsible for its lush green color, so it may turn grayish or even dark green before losing its color. Fungus infections may be behind changes in pigmentation in a lawn, too. Let a lawn professional to make an accurate diagnosis.


In the summer, most lawns require around one inch of water every week. To check whether you have watered the lawn properly, try sliding a 6-inch screwdriver in. If it goes in smoothly, your lawn has no watering issues. Another cause of lawn dehydration is a dull mower. Dull mower blades will fray the tips of the grass blades leaving room for extra evaporation, which can negatively impact your turf immensely in dry and hot weather. Sharpen those blades for a clean cut or consider hiring a lawn mowing company to take care of it for you.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask our Experts in Landscaping in Lee’s Summit MO for Help

If you have noticed any of these symptoms of summer stress in your lawn and feel like a pair of professional hands could come in handy, don’t hesitate to give our specialists in landscaping in Lee’s Summit, MO, a call. Royal Lawn Service have been in the green business for over a decade, so we’ve had our fair share of stressed-out lawns. Feel free to request a Free Estimate of our services or give us a call at (816) 550-0750. End your lawn’s suffering and start treating it like royalty today!