Before spring regains its full power over the land, you still have some time to prepare your lawn and garden for the upcoming season. Our experts landscaping in Independence MO are here to offer you some advice and tips on property preparation and early-season maintenance. Let’s see what you should do or avoid during this time of year.

1. Lawn & Garden Cleaning and Repairing

One of the first things you should perform is a full property assessment. Winter may have caused more damages than meet the eye so now you have to use your eyes to inspect your property thoroughly. Our specialists in landscaping in Independence MO have the following suggestions for you:

  • Look for snow mold patches. If you do not treat them properly at the right time, they will entertain diseases, weeds, and pests with detrimental effects on your entire landscape. Our pros in landscaping in Independence MO can give you a hand with this sensitive situation;
  • Look for bare turf patches or exposed areas on the soil. They probably need reseeding very soon, as they also entertain the overgrowth of weeds;
  • Inspect the ground to observe the presence of thatch, compacted areas, or clay-heavy You may need a professional lawn care service to fix a damaged lawn in this case;
  • Check the flowerbeds, vines, climbing plants, bulbs, and so on – if winter damaged the plants, they will probably need spot interventions, replanting, removal, and so on.
  • Assess your trees and woody vegetation. If you see scars on tree barks or signs of pest activity, you should address the problem with professional treatments and measures.

2. Aeration and Reseeding

As we mentioned many times before, aeration and reseeding are crucial tasks in your efforts of restoring your lawn to last season’s glory and turn it into a lush and healthy patch of paradise. It may be too early for reseeding (wait for warmer temperatures to stabilize), but you should have it in mind together with aeration. If you do not know how to perform an aeration treatment properly and reseed the lawn, call your local experts in landscaping in Independence MO to give you a hand with this task.

3. Get Help from our Pros in Landscaping in Independence MO

Even if you do not begin right now, lawn care and landscaping should become priorities in the next few weeks. Instead of applying trial-and-error methods to fertilize the soil, fight off weeds, or deter pests, you should merely contact our experts in landscaping in Independence MO so they can include you in their schedule. Here are the primary things you need to consider that our lawn service company can provide for you:

  • Spring cleaning;
  • Irrigation installations and maintenance;
  • Mulching;
  • Tree and shrubs trimming;
  • Fertilization and weed control;
  • Lawn mowing;
  • Extended landscaping projects (restauration or enhancement) and more.

We recommend you get pro help from a team of technicians who know what they do and when they should do it. Instead of wasting money, time, effort, and a good deal of personal peace of mind, why don’t you ask for a free estimate and let our experts in landscaping in Independence MO handle the difficult tasks for you?