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Lawn Aeration Service in Lee's Summit, Independence, & Blue Springs, Missouri

Help your lawn absorb and maximize nutrients through our lawn aeration service.

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We offer our lawn aeration service in and around Lee's Summit, Independence, and Blue Springs, MO.

Our team offers liquid and core aeration to address soil compaction on your lawn.

Soil compaction is a common issue that lawns encounter. This is a problem because your grass will not be able to access nutrients, water, air, and sunlight, all of which are crucial to its healthy growth. Our team at Royal Lawn Service can address soil compaction through liquid and core aeration. If you opt for our liquid aeration service, you can schedule it in the spring or fall. You can also take advantage of our core aeration service, which we offer in the fall. If you choose our fall core aeration service, you can pair that with our overseeding service. Doing this will promote fresh, new grass to make your lawn thicker and fuller. We offer our lawn aeration service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Lee's Summit, Independence, Blue Springs, MO, and nearby areas.

We Offer Liquid & Core Aeration

Our team can resolve soil compaction on your lawn through liquid aeration and core aeration. Both of these methods aim for the same thing, which is to loosen hard, compacted soil on your lawn, but they achieve that in different ways. When you opt for our liquid aeration, we will spray a liquid treatment over your entire lawn. As the treatment comes in contact with the ground, it will break down compacted soil to allow water, nutrients, air, and sunlight to easily reach the roots of your turf.

We can also aerate your lawn through core aeration. If you choose this method, our team will go through your lawn with an aerator machine to pull out cores of soil from the ground. This method will create holes in the ground, opening up channels for nutrients and other essential resources to access your lawn's roots.

When do we offer our lawn aeration service?

We offer our lawn aeration service at different times of the year, depending on what method of aeration you prefer. You can schedule liquid aeration in the spring because it is more gentle on your grass, which is slowly getting back on its feet after winter dormancy. However, we can also perform liquid aeration in the fall.

You can also schedule core aeration in the fall. Depending on the weather conditions, we can do it some time in late August, but we mostly perform it around September and October.

To get consistently good results, schedule our lawn aeration service every year!

Pair core aeration with our overseeding service in the fall.

Our core aeration service will go a long way in improving the health of your lawn, but you can take it to the next level by pairing our core aeration and overseeding services. When we core aerate your lawn in the fall, we create holes in the ground perfect for the grass seeds that we'll spread when we overseed your turf. In these holes, the grass seeds have good seed-to-soil contact and good access to nutrients and resources that will help them germinate. The result is a lusher and healthier lawn that looks amazing!

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Soil compaction can inhibit healthy grass growth. Don't fret! We offer our lawn aeration service to address soil compaction and ensure your grass can access everything it needs to thrive. Our team offers this service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Lee's Summit, Independence, Blue Springs, MO, and nearby areas. Your lawn's health is our priority, and we will work tirelessly to ensure you achieve the strong, lush lawn you've always wanted. Call us today at (816) 550-0750 to schedule this service.