5 Suggestions for Best Lawn Care in Independence MO with Winter Compost

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As we all know, homemade compost is an excellent organic fertilizer helping us keeping our lawns, landscape, and vegetable gardens in tiptop shape. Making compost in summer is one of the coolest chores homeowners engage in, whereas in winter, things can get a bit complicated. Our experts in lawn care in Independence MO are here now to offer you some actionable tips and suggestions on how to keep your compost pile active and cooking despite winter’s cold temperatures.

Tips for Best Lawn Care in Independence MO with Winter Compost

Before we begin, keep in mind that our lawn care company in Independence MO is always within reach, in case you need some expert advice on winter lawn and landscape care. We are here to offer you our skills and expertise, and you can ask us anything that troubles you. Now let’s focus on winter compost management, as there is a bit of work you need to do.

  1. Insulate: An outdoor compost pile needs insulation. You should start with wind protection: straw bales or wooden crates around the pit prevent the wind from damaging your compost. Moreover, you should also cover it with a layer of dry leaves and a black tarp (waterproof) to attract solar heat.
  2. Protect the compost from excess moisture: Winter is a wet season, and excess humidity can render your compost pile smelly, muddy (downright slimy if you ask some people), and entirely While our pros in lawn care in Independence MO agree that the best compost is the one achieving a great balance between air and water, you still need to monitor humidity and take the proper measures to reduce it when necessary. To minimize moisture, you can add more browns to the mix – but remember you also need to preserve the carbon-nitrogen ratio.
  3. Oxygenate: The bacteria responsible for cooking your compost cannot thrive without oxygen. You should turn your compost as frequently as you can to allow the bacteria to do their job and oxygen to reach more in-depth in the compost to achieve the balance we just mentioned. If spending a day outside in the cold to shovel your pile is not an option, insert PVC pipes in the mound – at different levels of depth – to allow air to circulate.
  4. Adjust your compost: In some regions, the cold is intense enough to slow down all organic processes. If you want to stimulate the friendly bacteria in the compost to work more efficiently, you can make some compost amendments (rich soil from the garden or established fertilizer from a secure source). Our local experts in lawn care in Independence MO also recommend you turn to worms to boost the compost decomposition process.
  5. Ask for professional help: if you do not know your way around making and management compost in the winter, you can always rely on our specialists in lawn care in Independence MO for advice.

We hope these suggestions will be of use to you in caring for your compost all year long, rendering it efficient. In spring, you will be excited to use it to boost the properties of your soil and the health of your vegetation!


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