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Winter is finally here, and we are sure homeowners cannot wait to put their tools in the shed and focus on the holidays, relaxation, and comfort times – instead of gardening. However, a dry, mild day of winter is perfect for you to spend some time outdoors and trim your shrubbery and trees. We know that it is a widespread misconception about winter pruning, so our experts in lawn care in Blue Springs MO are here to shine some light on winter tree trimming.

Not all Trees are Equal

One of the primary concerns regarding winter trimming and pruning is that you might cut the wrong vegetation or trim it when it already has growth on it. To avoid such unfortunate accidents, have a chat with our lawn care service in Blue Springs MO to learn what types of vegetation you can trim this time of year and how.

As examples go, in mid and late winter, you can prune the following trees and shrubs – oaks, azaleas, hydrangeas, smoke and butterfly bushes, chaste tree, crape myrtle, and more. Make sure you get the right period to prune and the knowledge on how to prune them correctly.

In case you are not confident in your know-how and skills, ask our lawn care Blue Springs MO team to give you a hand.

  • Golden Rule of Winter Trimming: never trim or prune vegetation that blooms early in the spring because you will reduce the number of buds ready to blossom.

Winter Tree Trimming is a Safety Measure

Trimming and pruning your trees and shrubs represent safety measure you take to protect the respective vegetation, your property, and the landscape. Here is what you should consider:

  • Removing dry and dead branches from the trees and bushes gives you some peace of mind during storms and blizzards, as you do not risk those branches damaging your property and landscape;
  • If you cut the trees and shrubs in winter, they will fare better and heal properly, without being attacked by pests and diseases (as they lie dormant);
  • Moreover, if you trim in winter, you prevent latent pathogens, fungi, and insects to spread like wildfire in the spring;
  • Since the soil is cold (and probably frozen) in the winter, carrying around and moving large and heavy gardening and landscaping equipment is more accessible and safer for the landscape; the less damage you cause on the property, the more money you will save in the long run.

The Right Day and Pace Help You Achieve Great Things

As we said, you should pick a warm sunny winter day for the activity. If it is not the case, make sure you go out on a dry and mild one instead.

  • Always begin with the diseased and dead branches; dispose of them properly, as letting them lying around the yard only entertains mold, mildew, pests, and pathogens;
  • Continue with removing branches that grow against the general growth pattern of the tree/shrub, remove smaller twigs, and overgrowths;
  • Make sure you do not damage the trees’ barks – so work slowly and carefully.

Our Specialists in Lawn Care in Blue Springs MO are here to help

In case you need help with your winter lawn and landscape maintenance, make sure you call our lawn care Blue Springs MO team to offer their expertise and skills!


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